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languages of the world*

* please be aware that all of these  may be out of date when it comes to the number of languages in the world. They still say there are 7000 languages of in the world - and that a language dies every fortnight.... this hasn't been changed for some years. We are advised that a better estimate is that there are 'more than 6000' languages. These sites tend to repeat what the others say, 

so inaccuracies may not be easy to pinpoint.

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Sign Languages

Museum of Languages in Paris

physical Multilingual Libraries

Norway -

Finland -

Greece -

Scotland -

England -  Coming soon!

Virtual multilingual libraries


Languages in their own language

Learning languages online

Apps and more


Duolingo Learn Languages

Memrise: free language app

Drops: Learn 39 new languages

Learn 50 languages

Rosetta Stone: Learn languages

Learn Languages for Free

Mango Languages

Simply Learn Languages

Busuu: Learn Languages

Beelinguapp: Learn Languages Music & Audio books

FILMs Not to be missed