The Kittiwake Trust

Multilingual Library


We currently have well over 15,000 books for adults and children, in 107 languages. These are listed in the next column.

Subjects range from fiction to biography, sport, crafts, art, travel, poetry, history.... you name it and it's quite probably on a shelf somewhere.

Many of the children's picture books are not for loan as they are very expensive to replace if lost. We encourage families to read together in the library and see it as a second home. 

 In addition we have a wide range of dictionaries (not for loan) and language resources as well as some DVDs

We also have a few journals - Race and Class being the one with the longest complete run. Others include Banipal, Index on Censorship and some music journals such as Sangeet Natak.


Library membership costs £5 per year

Free for those awaiting decisions 

on their asylum applications 

Afrikaans - Albanian - Amharic - Arabic - Armenian - Bahasa Indonesia - Basque - Bengali - Bosnian - Braille - Breton - Bulgarian - Cadino - Catalan - Chinese - Choctaw - Croatian - Czech - Danish - Dari - Doric - Dutch - Dzongkha - English - Esperanto - Estonian - Faroese - Farsi - Finnish - French - Frisian - Fula/Fulani - Galician - Georgian - German - Greek - Gujurati - Hebrew - Herero - Hindi - Hungarian - Icelandic - Italian - Irish - Japanese - Khmer - Klingon - Korean - Kurdish - Lao - Latin - Latvian - Lingala - Lithuanian - Macedonian - Malagasy - Malay - Malayalam - Maltese - Maori - Marathi - Mongolian - Montenegrin - Nepalese - Nyanja - Norwegian - Orkney - Oromiffa - Oshindonga - Papiamento - Papua New Guinea Pidgin - Papiamento - Pashto - Polish - Portuguese - Punjabi - Romanian - Russian - Sanskrit - Scots Gaelic - Serbian - Sinhalese - Shetlandic - Shona - Slovak - Slovene - Somali - Spanish - Sranatongo - Swahili - Swedish - Sylheti - Tagalog - Tamil - Thai - Tibetan - Tigrinya - Turkish - Twi - Ukrainian - Urdu - Vietnamese - Welsh - Xhosa - Yiddish - Yoruba - Zulu

activities at the library

 From time to time we hold activities such as poetry events, talks on local history or world festivals, language tasters and related subjects.  We welcome enquiries from people wishing to hold languages classes at the library.

The Society of Authors North East group also held occasional meetings at the library when we were in Newcastle. We hope this will start again once we are settled in Gateshead. 


Classes & Meetings

Classes and meetings will be held in the new library setting once the library is up and running again.

In the past we held English conversation groups, French classes, Japanese conversation and from time to time Spanish or Italian classes.

Once we re-open we will welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to start teaching or converstion groups. There will probably be a nominal fee to help cover the cost of electricity.

New Acquisitions:

Dabiri, Emma: Don't touch my Hair

Akala: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire

Kwakye, Chelsea & and Ogunbiyi, Ore: Taking Up Space: The Black Girl’s Manifesto for Change

Stormzy, Agyemfra, Akua, et al. : Rise up: The #Merky Story So Far

Pitts, Johny: Afropean - Notes from Black Europe


From time to time we publish a newsletter for members and friends of the library. We welcome contributions on the subject of languages, recommended reading, resources available online and anything else you think would be of interest to those using the multilingual library.

The current issue is Here


The library is run by a team of around 25 volunteers from 15 countries, speaking 20 languages.

If you would like to join the team please drop us a message on the contact page and we'll send you the application form.

If you already volunteer with us now or in the past and don't see yourself represented on the map, please get in contact and we'll add you right away!