The Kittiwake Trust

Multilingual Library

our patron

After the library had been running a few months, we approached Professor David Crystal, author of over a hundred books on language, to ask if he would be our Patron.

He agreed enthusiastically.

He visited the library in April 2016 and gave a talk that is available here

We are indebted to Professor Crystal for his continuing support and advice.

His website is here

the kittiwake trust

The Multilingual Library is a project of the Kittiwake Trust,  registered charity 1165318.

You can find more information about the Trust and the Trustees here

our philosophy

There is no such thing as a foreign language, just languages you don't understand.

Words are vitally important.

We never say 'asylum seekers' -

If they need defining further than human beings or refugees we use

the term 'asylum applicants'.

Feel the difference.

Words like 'diversity' suggest the opposite.

We are all notes in a melody that resounds around the globe.


We will shortly be moving from the lovely spaces we have occupied in 

Eldon Garden for the past 5 1/2 years. 

As soon as we know our re-opening date and location we'll let you know.

You can keep up to date on Facebook for any news and changes.

In the meantime, if you have a spare 3000 square feet, please get in touch!

Black History Month

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